Vendor / Supplier Surveillance

Vendor / Supplier Surveillance

RAY NDT offers customers the following comprehensive range of supplier quality and supply chain management services – all proven to increase quality, delivery and business performance while also reducing costs.

Verify best practice services are ready to implement, yet can easily be tailored to address specific customer needs.

Product Verification

RAY NDT product verification examines purchased products at the supplier facility to validate conformance to all customer requirements. Product verification minimizes risk, especially when suppliers have a history of performance issues or when products are critical, complex or expensive.

First Article Inspection
Thorough inspection of first production piece to assure compliance with engineering drawings.

Source Inspection
Examination of customer-purchased product – performed at the supplier’s facility to ensure product integrity and conformance to specified requirements.

Conformity Inspection
Inspection to ensure product complies with a regulation or law.

Inspection, sorting and corrective action to minimize the negative impact of defective parts and escapes.

Audits & Surveys

RAY NDT audits and surveys evaluate suppliers’ systems, processes and/or products to standards, specifications, contractual requirements and regulations supported by objective evidence. This objective evidence delivers critical information for determining risk and identifying improvement opportunities.

Regulatory Audit
Examination of supplier systems, processes and procedures to determine compliance with a regulation or law.

Supplier Survey
Examination of supplier activities to confirm initial or ongoing compliance to customer performance, quality or schedule requirements.

Product Audit
Detailed inspection and audit of all processes used to manufacture a particular product to ensure the ability to consistently deliver compliant products.

Special Process Audit
Evaluation of a specific process to ensure it conforms to written procedures and workmanship standards.

Quality System Audit
Examination of a complete system or sub-system to determine whether activities and results comply with quality management standards and are implemented effectively to achieve all objectives.

Supplier Development

RAY NDT provides supplier development services to customers seeking to recover, assure or improve supplier performance. These services can employ a broad range of quality engineering techniques and tools, depending on customer objectives and supplier situations. From a single supplier anomaly to a major supply chain initiative, our quality engineers, technical specialists and supplier managers can evaluate and improve quality, production and business processes to ensure compliant product is delivered on time.

Quality Engineering
A discipline using engineering methods to minimize process variations and eliminate waste.

Troubleshooting And Error Proofing
Activity that determines the root cause of problems, thus enabling the effective implementation of functional and human factor improvements to prevent re-occurrence of a problem.

Supplier Surveillance
Examination of supplier activities to confirm initial and ongoing compliance to customer performance, quality or schedule requirements.

Delivery Assurance

RAY NDT’s Supply Chain Delivery services, assure customers receive product on time from their suppliers. Utilizing a proven team, best-practice processes, we can perform integrated, managed, and tailored services for a multi-tiered supply chain. Three types of services work in sequence to improve supplier on-time delivery:

      Critical Recovery – Restores and/or assures the supply of product that is critical per the customer’s master production schedule.


      Delivery Improvement – Applied to the fractional portion of the customer’s supply chain that is causing most of the shortage problems.


      Delinquency Prevention – Applied to the customer’s well-performing suppliers as a proactive prevention against late deliveries.


Supplier Development
Supplier supply chain processes are assessed relative to best practices. Recommendations for improvement are made for functional areas including forecasting, master planning, material planning, procurement, inventory planning, production control, warehouse management, shipping and logistics.

Root Cause Analysis
The integrative process of stakeholders to determine fundamental reasons for non-conformities. Corrective actions are then determined for each non-conformity.

Capacity Assessment
The quantitative and qualitative assessment of supplier’s ability to manufacture the mix and quantity of customer’s requirements within the construct of total demand from all customers.

Sub-Tier Supplier Control
Assures sub-tiers are aligned with supplier and customer requirements.

Status / Expediting
Validating the position of materials in manufacturing process. Improvement in supplier commitments are achieved based on analysis of remaining processes.