Aerospace / Automotive

Aerospace / Automotive

Aerospace components are safety critical and highly inspected. Inspection programs are part of the manufacturer’s quality procedures and, in many cases, required by FAA regulations.

RAY NDT has multi-disciplined personnel with aerospace industry experience that work in field environments. They utilize traditional NDT methods to identify defects in critical structural, airframe, engine and accessory components. Many of these defects would otherwise be undetectable using only visual or conventional inspection methods. Our service procedures meet aerospace industry standards, and plan the work to minimize turnaround time.

RAY NDT also assists its clients with the development of inspection procedures.

Auto manufacturers and their suppliers are under on-going pressure to improve the way their safety critical components are inspected, to reduce the length of inspection turnaround times, and to improve the overall quality of inspection.

RAY NDT provides NDE and materials engineering services for safety critical parts. NDT test methods include gamma radiography, x-radiography, liquid penetrant (PT), magnetic particle (MT), ultrasonic (UT) for spot weld examination, eddy current (ET), visual inspection (VT) along with hardness and PMI testing.