About Us

Ray NDT Services Ltd. is a Certified Inspection agency (formerly known as Worldspec Testing Services). We recently sold the Worldspec (name) division of our corporation to Rockwood International (www.rockwoodservice.com) and they wish to continue using the name for business(www.worldspec.org). Our original (NDT service) company was incorporated in 1992 and continues to operate in both Saskatchewan and British Columbia under the new name of Ray NDT Services Ltd.Office Principals:
James (President/CEO) – ph. 306-536-7773 or email james@rayndt.com
Diane (Administrator) – ph. 306-527-6815 or email diane@rayndt.com
Mitchell (BC. Manager) – ph. 778-922-0892 or email mitch@rayndt.com
Michael (Sask. Manager) – ph. 306-533-4988 or email mike@rayndt.com